Artificial Intelligence is changing the world. 

In the modern day and age there can be no escape from Artificial Intelligence. With the explosive publicity Google DeepMind accrued from the now famous “Alpha Go” project through to recommended “box-set binges” with Amazon or Netflix, to autonomous driving through to medical breakthroughs it can be argued that Artificial Intelligence is the biggest breakthrough in humanity to date, and shows no signs of abating. Simply put this is one of the most exciting research and technology landscapes we here at Vertex USA operate within. Our AI practice have strategically aligned with a select number of the most dynamic AI start-ups throughout the West Coast of America, as well as household technology companies. This is in no small part due to our understanding of specific talent within AI.

While AI is still very much in its infancy, from both a technical and market standpoint the demand for talent within the space will only grow, the competition for talent will only increase, and significantly so. Vertex USA are determined to position ourselves at the forefront of the industry from a talent standpoint, and become the go-to search firm for AI related talent acquisition solutions.

Through our proprietary 24/7 research model we are strategically positioned to assist our partners in acquiring the most prestigious talent available on the market at any time. Consequently Vertex USA have unparalleled visibility on the next generation of AI experts as well as individuals that can be considered “pioneers” in the space. This allows Vertex USA to execute two specific talent acquisition strategies which are as follows:  

  • Search and Selection
  • Contingent Talent Acquisition

Whilst it is universally known that the major hiring of next generation of AI experts are often courted by the likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon and the other technology giants we pride ourselves on providing compelling alternatives to candidates looking for their next career move. Vertex USA conduct regular hiring assignments for our clients to find the best Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Speech or NLP Scientists and these hires encompass both junior and senior hires. Vertex USA are able to place entry level MSc or PhD graduates, through to C-Level such as Chief of AI Research, Director of Machine Learning and other senior titles.  

Vertex USA’s AI Practice provide expertise in the following areas and subsets of Artificial Intelligence:

  • (Classic) Machine Learning; Bayesian Networks, Random Forests, Clustering
  • Deep Learning, Neural Networks, RNN’s, CNN’s, LSTM’s
  • Natural Language Processing; Information Retrieval, Machine Translation, Information Extraction, Content Extraction
  • Speech Recognition; Computational Linguistics
  • Computer Vision; Image Recognition/Processing, Machine Vision, Augmented Reality

If you are a client seeking to understand potential hiring options, or you are a candidate seeking your next opportunity, please get in touch.

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