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We partner with some of the worlds most successful brands within Banking and Finance, Fintech, Technology R and D and Digital. We work as an extension of your business and take time to understand your culture and environment as much as staffing needs. We bring domain specific knowledge and experience as well as a global network of associated talent to provide bespoke people solutions.

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Access to the worlds biggest and brightest technologists.

We provide interim / consulting assignments as well as full time (permanent) opportunity within some of the worlds foremost brands and exciting technologists within Banking and Finance, Fintech, Technology R and D and Digital. Talk to us for advise on your career, your skills development and how we can help you optimise your personal brand.

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Unlimited potential for progression.

Vertex Solutions specialise in providing technologists to a range of industries, including financial services, consulting, research and development ...

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Net Promoter Score



NetPromoter Score


“…took time and effort to understand my personal circumstances and come up with an idea of how to adjust the contract. The overall experience is smooth and relaxed which I found to be a breath of fresh air in this already stressful market... and life. So my score is 11 - definitely definitely would recommend to a friend or colleague…”


NetPromoter Score


“Despite the fact that the client changed his opinion and went for outsourcing to India I will totally give you 10 out of 10. The information flow was very good, I felt that the recruitment was taken care of. I got answers for all my questions and it was easy to reach. I would totally recommend your services.”


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“…an extraordinary professional. Very systematic, very organized, lives to is word, never misses an appointment. If Jude is the Vertex role model (and it is for me) I can only have the best of all opinions about you guys. Of course, I'll always recommend Vertex and Jude, in particular.”


NetPromoter Score


“Professional, helpful, very good communications and high-quality customer-oriented service. The way it should be.”


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“…took the time to know well my profile and identified really interesting leads that could - and still can - result in a very interesting job for me.”

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