Quantitative trading

Quantitative trading has some of the most advanced mathematical and technology disciplines within financial services. Since its birth in 2003 the industry has evolved and advanced at a truly staggering velocity. With the continuous advancements in modern day technology and research showing no signs of abating, talent acquisition is becoming increasingly competitive in the space. Vertex USA assist our partners in acquiring both industry endorsed “Professionals” as well as the next generation of superstar software engineers, mathematicians and researchers. 

Our Quantitative Trading practice partners with a portfolio of the worlds most sophisticated and technology driven Proprietary Trading Firms, Multi-Strat Computational Hedge Funds, Investment Banks and Asset Managers. Our expertise affords us the opportunity to act as a trusted partner and advisor across the principal trading hubs throughout the US. We execute a suite of boutique services which include:

  • Advisory Consultancy
  • Search and Selection
  • Contingent Talent Acquisition


Vertex USA’s management team alone has a combined 40-year track record of successfully assisting financial services organisations with talent acquisition campaigns.  As a result Vertex USA have both a rich, and engrained understanding of the quantitative trading landscape, especially throughout the USA. We are uniquely positioned to assist, not just our partners, but also any perspective candidate looking to make a career move from inside the industry as well as candidates that are entirely new to the industry.

We understand the difficulties that can arise when considering a new career move and we recognise these principles apply to candidates of any level, whether that be a senior individual or a more junior individual entering the industry first time, often fresh from school. We are driven by relationships, and cultivating long term relationships at that!

Vertex USA’s Quantitative Trading Practice provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Quantitative Research and Quantitative Development
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science
  • High Frequency, Electronic & Algo Trading
  • Traders & Portfolio Management

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