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  • LocationKraków, Poland
  • Salaryzł 150 - zł 170 per day
  • Job TypeContract
  • ReferenceBBBH22148
  • Date posted24-Jan-20
Important information about us:

Core Engineering provides products and services that strive to improve efficiency. Our goal is to help teams deliver cost-effective journeys securely.
As Core Engineers, we help define and demonstrate engineering best practices.
Our attention to detail needs to be excellent as should our ability to assess 'the bigger picture'.

We are looking for an accomplished senior backend developer to contribute to these goals.

The role is a hands-on development role foremost; delivering services and libraries to address recognized cross-cutting capabilities. Their contributions are expected to exemplify the high standards we help define

You will have the opportunity:

* Review solutions for alignment with the stated goals of Digital Services
* Work with product owners and stakeholders to establish requirements and report progress
* Advocate for and meet high professional standards of development primarily in Java
* Deliver appropriate and comprehensive tests as part of every deliverable
* Approach technical challenges with an open collaborative mindset
* Innovate for quantifiable business benefits
* Take the initiative to improve the developer experience and efficiency
* Champion core engineering products
* Teach or mentor our consumers

If you feel you have skills:

* Good written and oral communications skills are essential
* Must be able to apply SOLID and other architectural principles to designs and code
* Must be able to articulate a clear understanding of event-driven architecture patterns
* Experience implementing event-based solutions is desirable
* A strong grasp of functional, non-blocking, asynchronous code or coroutines
* Demonstrably polyglot; bonus if this is in JVM languages such as Kotlin or Scala
* Experience securing APIs at scale would be beneficial

Company offer:

* Flexible working hours
* Competitive salary
* 1-2 days of remote work
* Work with new technology
* Long-term and stable project
* Informal work environment
* Agile methodologies
* Friendly teams and people-focused attitude
* Car parking
* Relax room
* Fruits
* Cultural Days
* Christmas Party and Picnic Day 😊

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10 out of 10. Danielle has been a pleasure to work with thus far, excellent communication, and very helpful in scheduling time with distributed team members.


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Unfortunately, position I applied has been filled out before my interview with client. However, I would definietely recomend (10) Vertex to others.


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- Felt professionally represented for roles we pursued - Relevant opportunities presented in light of discussions we had and my expectations

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