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What is Self-Billing

Self-billing allows us to pay you without receiving an invoice! We will generate your invoice for you and email it to you (or your umbrella company) upon receipt of authorised timesheets for the applicable period.

Will Self-Billing affect my status under IR35?

No - we have taken advice from a firm who specialise in contractor law and they have confirmed it makes no difference to your status.

How do I get my timesheet to you and how am I paid?

Please complete your timesheets on-line. The data can be entered daily or weekly, whichever is most convenient for you. Once complete the timesheet can be submitted for authorisation on-line. The system will email it to your manager and they in turn will authorise it electronically. 
Your manager does not have to log in or remember a user name and password; they simply respond to a link within an email which takes them onto the system and allows them to authorise your timesheet. Once this has been completed you will be notified, via text or email. 
Once we have your timesheet(s), for our billing period, we will generate your invoice / pay advice, email it to you, and make payment. If you use an umbrella company then we will email it to them.

When do I get paid?

Our payroll is always the 15th of every month and payments are made on this day by BACS

What benefits do I get from using this system?

Faster receipt of timesheets - as soon a timesheet is authorised on-line it is available for us to process. 
Less paperwork - we produce your invoice! In addition all your invoices / timesheets are stored on- line and you can access them through your account at any time. 
Less administration – at each stage of the process we send you a text or email keeping you fully up to date on the status of your timesheets and payments. In addition all your history is stored on-line for you to access at any time.

How do I find out more about the online timesheet system?

You will receive an invitation to join, choosing your own username and password. The system is very easy to use and has full help facilities.

Will this system affect how quickly I receive payment?

Because it cuts out the need for you to invoice us, and we receive the timesheet electronically, it should speed up the payment process.

How will I know that my timesheet has been approved?

We send you an email or text message every time we receive an authorised timesheet to tell you that it is now ready for processing.

How will I know when I am paid?

We email out your invoice / pay advice with the payment date on it.

What happens if I am off sick or on holiday?

You must still complete your timesheet for the period worked. There is a ‘void’ button which allows you to enter a nil return for a complete timesheet, and it does not require your manager’s authorisation. Obviously if you are off sick or on holiday you will still need to follow the client’s procedure for informing them of your absence.

What happens if I accidently delete the email with my invoice? Can I get a copy?

A full history of all your invoices and the timesheets associated with them is kept on-line, and you can access and print them off or download them at any time by logging in.

I have previously submitted timesheets via fax, can I continue to do this?

You can submit timesheets via fax; however this will slow down the payment process as we have to manually enter the data onto the system. We do not recommend it.

I wish to produce my own invoice; do I have to accept self-billing?

No but please be aware that this may cause delays in making payment to you, we have to wait until we receive your invoice and check its accuracy before starting the payment process. We do not recommend this.


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