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Innovative & Effective Recruitment Solutions

Vertex will design a talent attraction solution that is tailored to your needs. Our solutions encompass contracts, contingency, project teams and search and selection. We are an incredibly agile business, enabling service delivery that is not run-of-the-mill.

40-year track record
Regular hiring assignments
Talent acquisition campaigns

40-year track record

Vertex USA’s management team alone has a combined 40-year track record of successfully assisting financial services organisations with talent acquisition campaigns.  As a result Vertex USA have both a rich, and engrained understanding of the quantitative trading landscape, especially throughout the USA. We are uniquely positioned to assist, not just our partners, but also any perspective candidate looking to make a career move from inside the industry as well as candidates that are entirely new to the industry.

We understand the difficulties that can arise when considering a new career move and we recognise these principles apply to candidates of any level, whether that be a senior individual or a more junior individual entering the industry first time, often fresh from school. We are driven by relationships, and cultivating long term relationships at that!

Vertex USA’s Quantitative Trading Practice provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Quantitative Research and Quantitative Development
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science
  • High Frequency, Electronic & Algo Trading
  • Traders & Portfolio Management

Regular hiring assignments

Whilst it is universally known that the major hiring of next generation of AI experts are often courted by the likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon and the other technology giants we pride ourselves on providing compelling alternatives to candidates looking for their next career move. Vertex USA conduct regular hiring assignments for our clients to find the best Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Speech or NLP Scientists and these hires encompass both junior and senior hires. Vertex USA are able to place entry level MSc or PhD graduates, through to C-Level such as Chief of AI Research, Director of Machine Learning and other senior titles.  

Vertex USA’s AI Practice provide expertise in the following areas and subsets of Artificial Intelligence:

  • (Classic) Machine Learning; Bayesian Networks, Random Forests, Clustering
  • Deep Learning, Neural Networks, RNN’s, CNN’s, LSTM’s
  • Natural Language Processing; Information Retrieval, Machine Translation, Information Extraction, Content Extraction
  • Speech Recognition; Computational Linguistics
  • Computer Vision; Image Recognition/Processing, Machine Vision, Augmented Reality

If you are a client seeking to understand potential hiring options, or you are a candidate seeking your next opportunity, please get in touch.

Talent acquisition campaigns

Vertex USA partner with candidates of all levels, be that graduates who are exploring commercial opportunities for the first time, through to intermediate and experienced experts, often VP Level and above, looking to take an upward or final step in their professional career. We partner with clients on contingent talent acquisition campaigns, as well as search and selection assignments for C-Level hires throughout focused hubs across the East, Central and West Coasts of America.   

Vertex USA’s Technology practice provide expertise in the following areas of tech:

  • C++, Python and Java Software Developers/Engineers
  • FPGA, ASIC, Verilog and Hardware Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Network Architects and Engineers
  • Data Architects and Engineers

If you are a client seeking to understand potential hiring options, or you are a candidate seeking your next opportunity, please get in touch.

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10 out of 10. Danielle has been a pleasure to work with thus far, excellent communication, and very helpful in scheduling time with distributed team members.


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Unfortunately, position I applied has been filled out before my interview with client. However, I would definietely recomend (10) Vertex to others.


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- Felt professionally represented for roles we pursued - Relevant opportunities presented in light of discussions we had and my expectations

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